At Montgomery Plaza Dental, our patient’s health is our primary concern. Having regular dental cleanings, exams and x-rays is an essential part of maintaining a healthy mouth! With our gentle cleanings, our hygienists use special tools that clean those impossible-to-reach places to leave you with a smooth and bright smile. You will love the way your smile looks and feels! Exams and X-rays allow us to diagnose any problems early on, so they can easily and painlessly be treated before they lead to further problems.

With our $99 Cleaning, Exam and X-Ray special, you can get the care you need without breaking the bank! Call our office today to take advantage of this special, and keep your mouth healthy and happy!

$99 Cleaning, Exam and X-Ray*

“The staff at Dr. Rubin's office are amazing! I have never gone to a dental office that makes me feel so comfortable, special and valued! They always are cheerful and friendly! Sarah, the dental hygienist was so personable and gave my teeth the best cleaning they ever have had. My teeth felt clean and smooth for weeks! ...Even though I live in Denton, the drive to this office is worth it! I'm that impressed!”


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