Crowns are an excellent solution for cracked, broken, discolored, or decayed teeth. At Montgomery Plaza Dental, we individually sculpt your crown so it fits your smile perfectly. The results are flawless and very durable! A crown is an excellent way to save a tooth from further damage, and to give your smile that extra boost it may need! If you are in need of a crown, we are here to help you with our limited time discount! You can have the healthy, whole smile you want and need! Schedule your appointment with us today!

$999 Crown

“Dr. Rubin did excellent work performing both crowns and implants in the last three months. I had no pain whatsoever. Amazingly, I didn't even need to take an advil after the procedures. I was amazed at how comfortable I was during the process. His assistant also did the zoom whitening and I lay there listening to my favorite music. His staff is also wonderful, very warm and caring. I would highly recommend Dr. Rubin and his staff for any dental needs.”


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