Root Canal

A root canal is a necessary procedure when decay has reached the pulp, or root, of the tooth. If left untreated, the infection can reach the surrounding bone structure and cause incredible pain and further damage. Root canal therapy, otherwise known as endodontics, is a tooth saving procedure that involves cleaning out the decay from the pulp, root, the tooth and the tooth canal. Once the decay has been removed, the area will be thoroughly cleaned and then filled to prevent further damage. Most often, the tooth will be covered with a crown.

Dr. Rubin’s goal is to always try and save your natural teeth when possible. Removing teeth leaves gaps that the other teeth will try to compensate for. If a tooth has become infected right in the center there is usually no avoiding an extraction. The pulp is most likely too infected meaning that the nerves at the heart of the tooth are dying. When this is the case, patients are usually experiencing quite a bit of pain. Extraction is usually a quick fix, but not often the best long term solution. We try to perform root canal surgery first. The infection can be cleared and your natural tooth will be saved.

Root canal therapy has had major advances, and is no longer the dreaded procedure it once was. It is a routine procedure that is accomplished with minimal discomfort, and a procedure that is necessary to prevent you from experiencing further pain down the road.